The knowledge is going to be transmitted from Oil Free Services’s heart to your heart.

Trainings by Oil Free Services are covering all engineering details as well as craftsmanship methods to transfer the know-how of a perfect maintenance, overhaul and operation for your equipments.

Training courses

Screw compressors are very useful but sensitive equipments in your plant; understanding critical operation conditions of these devices and getting a better sense of engineering inside these equipments makes your personnel more aware of the sensitivity and advantages of screw compressors. The training on overhaul of the unit and giving all details regarding to timing of each device gives the confidence to your workshop personnel to carry the overhauls with best results.

API valves those are the beginning of a pipeline, need special requirements while getting refurbished. These requirements are to meet engineering and safety of your well head and pipeline. Our training makes the remarks of these restorations a reliable asset for your valve shop.

Sundyne high speed pump and compressors are state-of-the-art in their category; correct operation and understanding the critical steps of overhaul, makes these devices a lifetime heart of your plant.

Team based supervisory skills are the knowledge about yourself to understand human potentials while is put in a team motion. In this course your potential or existing supervisors learn the methods and facts that perfect teams have to make CINergy.

Dynamic balancing is an essential step during repair of rotating equipments. The clients understand the basics and details of a balancing procedure to have their best controls while the balancing steps are either sub-contracted or are done in your plant.

Vibration analysis will become your art by our training. While many developments are carried in condition monitoring devices, the art of reading the record remains a matter of human experience, training and skills. Our key trainers are ready to practice the skills with your operators in your location.