Our trust in God, the experience in our team and the fact of engineering moves us from one success to the other success

Nitrogen compressor, the heart of P.E.T plant

A VM-140 screw compressor (611 kw) was seriously damaged because of an operation fault that process powder got into the sealing line, blocked the seal pipes and caused the compressor a crack in discharge head and melted screw tips; the case was located in the heart of a polymer plant in Bandar Mahshahr, and putting back into the service in a limited time frame was of paramount importance. Oil Free Services aligned the personnel and the sub-contractors to carry the job, with aid of a team work behavior even by the client, all coordination to get the distorted casing repaired and getting all required spare parts balanced and became ready for mounting was a favorable task. With the advantage of our expert team on screw compressors, the mounting, timing and running test done in a very good time and became sooner than the expectation of our client. The unit is in service from that day (April, 2010) till now.

Utility Air, for Polymer complex

A VM-75 screw compressor from an Assaluyah based plant, which was rejected by OEM for repair because of cracks in its casing, came to our sub-contractor’s workshop. The unit was disassembled by OEM for their inspection and no initial clearances where there to be recorded. The casing got repaired in a very good shape and Oil Free Services started to make the assembling perfect. The clearances were found by an engineering approach and few trial and running tests by hand only. Final clearances set and assembling was perfect. The unit is in service from August, 2010; this client asked Oil Free Services for a comprehensive theoretical and practical training in their location.

Butene I pump, the feed for a plant

A Sundyne, LMV-322 came to one of our sub-contractors to get a new seal assembly and get assembled within one week period only due to plant requirements. The pump was repaired by the client 2 years back and due to seal damage, they replaced seal system with a non-OEM part and the pump was running with several problems and repairs from then. Oil Free Services made a brief training for the local seal manufacturer about critical sizes of the seal and bearing system that make the mechanical integrity of Sundyne pumps. The seal and bearing made together with and Oil Free Services did the assembly in its workshop. The pump started well and is feeding the plant from October, 2010.

Training on screw compressors, the expertise you need

A polymer plant in Mahshahr called Oil Free Services to train their workshop experts to carry overhaul of screw compressors. Oil Free Services offered a comprehensive course introducing the engineering side of the unit and overhaul steps; fortunately they had one of their units ready for overhaul, that Oil Free Services carried a practical training for their workshop personnel on their compressor unit. The compressor, VM-45, in packaging section is in service till April, 2011. The client has done couple of overhauls on other VM-45 in their plant based on our training afterwards in 2012.

A polymer complex in Assaluyah, that Oil Free Services did a repair on their VM-75, prepared for two courses of theoretical training followed by practical courses on two of their VM-45 which were at their overhaul time. Trainings were done in two separate weeks for 2 groups, totally for 24 attendees. They were from different departments such as workshop, asset integrity, condition monitoring and maintenance and the training was covering all aspects of engineering, thermodynamics and workshop methods.

Integrated packaging and production system

For a polymer complex in Assaluya, where six screw compressors are in a sequence to handle the material not only for packaging line but also for production tanks, all six units were at their 20,000 hours overhaul time. By the aid of condition monitoring one of the compressors with serious vibration patterns, chosen for an inspection followed by an overhaul. The advantage of Oil Free Services in-situ overhauls got the opportunity to the workshop personnel to get training how to carry an overhaul. Oil Free Services trained the personnel during a practical session; also let the workshop to manufacture couple of special tools based on Oil Free Services’s designs to carry the overhauls faster. The unit got overhauled and is moving the materials since April 2012.