This paper will discuss specific applications where screw compressors are used and the advantages of the rotary screw to conventional reciprocating machines. We will look at some specific features of the screw compressor, which make it the machine of choice for many applications requiring high reliability, low maintenance costs and a very wide overall operating range. We will look at a graphic model of a typical process flow diagram and review the components required to make up a rotary screw compressor package. We will also take a detailed look at the internals of the machine to better understand the overall operation, capacity control system, and the associated power savings that go with it.

Compressed Air Manual

This manual was produced by some of the leading compressed air technology engineers in the world. It's due to their passion for excellence that Atlas Copco continues to revolutionize the full range of compressed air technologies that are manufactured today. Our engineers work hard to share what they’ve learned – we believe that this transparency is an extremely important way to help ensure that continuous improvement in the world-wide compressed air community can be realized.

Machine diagnosis:
Quick and easy through FFT analysis

Vibration monitoring and vibration diagnosis of machines and aggregates has gained enormous importance during the past several years. Even smaller and medium-sized machines are being included in vibration monitoring strategies with increasing frequency. On the one hand, machine operators increasingly often demand a ‘vibration signature’ record following installation or repair, while on the other hand, vibration monitoring and diagnosis offer considerable potential for additional service business, especially through consultancy to smaller operations that lack the resources to pursue vibration measurement on their own. And of course, vibration diagnosis is a fantastic tool for localization of defects and causes of damage to machines and aggregates, and one which can even be used as an objective defense against unjustified warranty claims.

Risky Business in Farsi